Out of State Adoptions

We are happy to adopt dogs and puppies to a person or family in another state. The biggest hurdles to adoption out of state is the ability to pick out the best match for your home and lifestyle as well as transporting the animal as closely as possible to you for convenience. 
We are open to adopting any dog/puppy into an approved adopter’s home as long as our behavioral and medical advisors on our team feel comfortable with the fit. Matchmaking is part of our adoption process and helps to make sure that adoptions are as successful as possible for the pet and its new family. To learn more about matchmaking, click here
Can we always guarantee that a pet will behave as it does here or stay healthy the rest of its life? No. Behavior in a shelter is not indicative of how a dog/puppy will behave in a home and vice versa. We do our best to match make based on the pet’s history, current display of behavior, and any feedback from behavior team members, volunteers, and fosters that have interaction with our pets. 
Most of our dogs/puppies are mixed breed. A health exam upon intake and at the time of spay and neuter does not rule out that the pet has a current condition that is invisible to the naked eye or guarantee that the pet will be for the entirety of its lifetime. Animals are just like us and can get sick and elderly and need extra care and veterinary visits. Please be prepared to care for your new pet for the rest of its lifetime. 

Out of State Adoption Options

Adoption Fee $450 
We work with several rescues along the northeast coast all the way to New Hampshire! The pet transport company that we normally use for transport services is Pet Express and is based here in Tupelo, MS. This transport company has been great to work with and has always taken very good care of the furbabies we send with them. 
If you are located along the route below and are interested in adopting one of our pets, please email us at adopt@tupeloleehumane.org. The adoption fee includes the transport fee and we will be happy to make arrangements to transport a pet to you. 
To view the map, click here.
Adoption Fee to be determined
We currently have very few rescues that we are partnered with middle north of us. If you are interested in adopting one of our pets, please email us at adopt@tupeloleehumane.org and we will be happy to discuss options and investigate ways for transport. 
Adoption Fee to be determined
We do not currently have any rescues in the west that we are partnered with. There are a few transport companies and flight is always an option. If you live west of us and would like to adopt and transport a pet to you, email us at adopt@tupeloleehumane.org. We will be happy to discuss options and investigate transport needs.