Available Birds for Adoption

"We are waiting for you to take us home."

Listed below are all birds accepted into TLHS custody to be placed for adoption or rescue pull. Most of these pets are considered as lost or misplaced. Please note that they are all listed immediately as available for foster.

Pets on a five-day stray hold cannot be adopted or transferred to rescue until after five days in TLHS custody but can be fostered. Please click HERE to learn more about fostering.

Click on a picture of a pet to learn more about it and to apply for adoption. If you are approved to adopt, you are approved for fostering but will be required to complete additional paperwork at the time of foster pick-up appointment.

*Adoption fees may vary due to length of stay and/or additional care and services required to hold a pet after adoption can be finalized (pet is spayed/neutered) and/or transported to out-of-state adopters. For more information on out-of-state adoption fees and pet transportation requirements, please click HERE.

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