What is a foster home?

A foster home is an extension of an animal shelter’s lifesaving capacity made possible through partnerships with the public. Through fostering, you can help provide temporary shelter, food, care, and love for animals in need. Many pets that need foster are healthy and just need a home and love until placement can be made. We do have pets that require TLC and special needs pets from time to time that truly benefit from a foster family’s care.

Why foster?

Fostering dogs saves lives! The number of animals we save depends entirely on the number of foster homes we have open to them. Foster homes truly help us save many more animals than we could with just our facility’s space.

Foster homes increase a shelter’s ability to save lives by preserving kennel space for other animals in need and by sometimes serving as the only viable rescue option for certain pets. But a foster home doesn’t just improve a shelter’s lifesaving statistics, it improves the quality of life for each individual animal it saves. Time and time again, foster homes have proven to transform pets for the better, significantly improving their mental and physical well being. Put simply, a foster home saves lives!

Due to Covid-19, we are making appointments for new foster parents to limit the number of people in our facility.

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Foster Liability Release Agreement

Foster Bite Protocol

Fading Kitten Syndrome & How to care for Them

Fostering FAQ's

We require a minimum two week commitment (although there are frequently shorter-term options available) up to 30 days depending on the foster. Young puppies and kittens are typically adopted very quickly, while adult dogs and cats can take 1-2 months.

Our fosters need to be at least 18 years old. However, a parent or guardian can sign up as the responsible foster for a family with children under age 18. We encourage families to foster as it serves as a great conversation starter and educational point for making a change in our community regarding pet ownership.

  • Resources: behavioral, medical, and general assistance with caring for your foster dog or cat
  • Certain supplies like crates, collars, and leashes (as available)
  • Food
  • Care for when you go out of town
  • All medical care for the foster animal as deemed appropriate by our Medical Team
  • Help with marketing the animal for adoption or placement
  • Provide a safe, clean, caring environment
  • Provide food, water, toys/enrichment, and shelter
  • Provide exercise and socialization as appropriate
  • Monitor any medical and/or behavioral problems
  • Transport to/from any necessary appointments at our Medical Clinic
  • Carefully read all documents & carefully follow all instructions that TLHS provides

Yes, but since many of our pets are strays or abandoned, we cannot always guarantee the temperament or health of any animals. We do our best to provide our fosters with as much information as possible before they bring the dog into their homes, and then work with our fosters to learn more about the dog as they are in foster.

Fosters must live within an hour drive (approximately 40 miles) of the Tupelo Lee Humane Society in Tupelo, MS because medical care is provided at our clinic, adoption events are in the city, and many of our potential adopters live in Lee County, MS. If you live more than an hour away, we encourage you to find and help your local shelter or rescue as there are several others located in northeast MS that may be better suited for your travel needs. We believe that saving lives requires a solid team of individuals and rescues/shelters that network to help each other.

Yes, you can come to our shelter to pick out a foster animal! Please complete this form. We encourage you to do so! We have so many animals at the shelter that could use some foster TLC. All of our shelter pets are eligible to go to foster. If you have other dogs in your household, we recommend that you meet the foster dog first without your dog(s), and then we can do a meet and greet with your dog(s). We can do this on the same day as your initial visit.

No! We have many foster families that choose to provide all the basic needs for their foster pets as well as food. We require that all medical care is under TLHS direct supervision. However, all food, bowls, etc. are offered and provided at no cost. Our foster pets just need your home and love!

Cats can only be fostered to an inside only home. Puppies and small dogs must also stay inside. Only older puppies and adult dogs can be approved on a case by case basis to be fostered outside. Please let our foster team know if you are unable to keep an animal inside for any reason. We prohibit any chaining, tethering, or placing on a cable run.

Yes! Animals must remain in foster until fixed and then can be adopted. All applicable fees and contracts apply. You must let our foster team know if you are interested in a pet for future adoption as this may determine which pet you need to take home into foster. Many of our heart-worm positive dogs must stay in homes until their treatments are done. If you would like to view available dogs/puppies for adoption, please click here.